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«Forex Kitchen. Cooking own trade system»
Educational material for beginners and professionals. 2011


Классический макияж


> Main mistakes of beginners
> Forex secrets
> How to build and test the trading system

The given book is «a key to Forex lock», having studied the given teaching material, your sights at the exchange market Forex will be changed forever.

The unique and exclusive material is offered to your attention. The author has mentioned themes that successful traders prefer to remain silent. Do not spend months and years trying to independently "see through" the Forex, it is cheaper to go trail to success and financial independence. Thus saving the time, money and nerves.

You will get knowledge which will help you to avoid typical errors of beginners and to create an own product of intellectual property – personal and profitable trading system.

Many people try to sell the trading systems on the Internet, assuring that with their help you can earn money, but in the practice, all these systems for some reason cease to work in hands of buyers …

Why is this happening?

First of all, it is due to the fact that no one trader will ever sell you his own profitable system. Judge for yourself, why sell something that can make yourself a millionaire, just in a year or two years of work on the system. If the system is good, you can earn 1,000 or 10,000 dollars every day. What is the point to sell it?

So, it is strange enough to respond to the systems offered for free or for little money on the Internet...

«Everything has its price»

Secondly, each system is strictly individual, as the person created system for himself, considering his character, work schedule and behavior in stressful situations. The situation in the market often changes, and that what worked successfully yesterday, will be unprofitable today or on the contrary.

What to do?

One solution – to change the views on the financial market, to create own trading system and earn money on it!

After reading the book «Forex kitchen. Cooking own trading system», you will learn – to check and test the trading system correctly, to fix system errors, to reveal false signals of indicators, to determine interrelation of your system with the market laws. You will learn to correctly collect the information on work of your trading system and its indicators in real time mode, to analyze and eliminate errors.  

You will discover the really secret knowledge, without which many traders have been getting losses instead of profits.

Our product «Forex kitchen. Cooking own trading system» – is inherently unique as any person is capable to create own TS, but not everyone is capable to finish it, correct errors and make the system profitable.

Usually, newbie trader tries to trade at first on one system, then - on another and so on, then - thinks out something individual, but as a result nothing works, and thus the deposit on the trading account only reduced.

Our knowledge will help you to reduce Losses and will lead you to the Profit!

After all, in market Forex everything works, and even the most unprofitable system is capable to bring profit after correct supervision and the analysis of results!

If you already had time to develop the system, the given teaching material will be useful for you also. By means of the received knowledge, you can finish and make more the system effective, or completely give up on it and create a new one!

E-book price : 49.99 $USD


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